Ad Hoc Committees are temporary committees created by the Executive Council for the purpose of accomplishing a specific project or event. If you have a public project or cause you are passionate about, please attend an Executive Council meeting to discuss the potential of starting a new ad hoc committee to make your vision a reality.

Neighborhood Purpose Grant Ad Hoc Committee

This committee administers the selection and awarding of Neighborhood Purposes Grant (NPG) available through an application process to certified 501(c)(3) non-religious organizations or public schools for community improvement projects with a demonstrable public benefit. Funded annually by the City of Los Angeles through the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, these one-time grants are intended to build community through the implementation process and enhance the neighborhood once completed. Projects in areas such as the arts, beautification, education, and community support or improvements are eligible for funding under the NPG.

Mehmet Berker, Chair
Andrew Jhun
Emily Kantrim
David Sobel
Nick Solish

Sustainability Ad Hoc Committee

David Sobel, Chair
Scott Epstein
Emily Kantrim
Richard Risemberg

Website Ad Hoc Committee

Andrew Jhun, Chair
Mehmet Berker
Marc Sigal

Committee Agendas, Minutes & Related Documents

See our agendas, minutes and related documents by clicking on the folder for the date of the meeting below. Agendas, minutes and related documents are organized by meeting date.