The Mid City West Community Council (MCWCC), like the Los Angeles City Council, accomplishes most of its tasks through Committee work. Below is a list of the current standing committees. (Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed for specific purposes. They are not listed here.)  All Committee meetings are noticed in accordance with the Brown Act and are open to the public. The list below is a description of the various committees. Use the links at the bottom of the page for more information on each committee.

  • Executive Council – officers of the general board (Chair; 1st Vice Chair; 2nd Vice Chair; Secretary and Treasurer) who are selected by fellow board members at the beginning of each annual term. Board officers serve a term of one year. Sets board meeting agendas, creates committees, appoints committee members and committee chairs, considers matter regarding the Board’s budget including monthly financial reports and funding requests from committees, and oversees the overall functioning of our neighborhood council.
  • Arts, Recreation & Youth Committee – proposes and takes action on related issues in the MCWCC community, acts as a liaison to our local art institutions, parks, schools and school associations, considers the needs of children and seniors in Mid City West.
  • Bylaws & Grievance Committee – advises the Board concerning compliance with the Brown Act, the City Plan for Neighborhood Councils, the bylaws, and hears grievances. The Committee also drafts and processes bylaws amendments and standing rules.
  • Homelessness, Refugees & Renters’ Rights Committee – focuses on solutions to the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles and engage in education and policy regarding renters’ rights.  Our work with the refugee community via the Welcome Neighbor program with Miry’s List is also addressed by this committee.
  • Planning & Land Use Committee -reviews and recommends action regarding development projects and projects requiring land use permits within our neighborhood council’s boundaries and advocates positions on citywide plans and land use policy, specific plans and overlay zones, and land use and building design for the betterment of the community.
  • Public Safety & Preparedness Committee – raises community awareness with respect to matters concerning crime, emergency management, disaster preparedness, community policing, neighborhood safety awareness programs and health related safety advisories in order to have a better prepared and cohesive neighborhood within our jurisdiction. Bridges relationships between the community and with local police, fire, EMS, volunteer NGO’s (American Red Cross, animal rescue organizations etc.), healthcare and religious entities involved in emergency preparedness within the jurisdiction.
  • Social & Racial Equity Committee – advocates for equity and justice for historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed peoples. We advance equity through education, training, and activation and work collaboratively toward a just, equitable, and antiracist community.
  • Sustainability & Climate Committee – seeks to identify local solutions to reduce carbon emissions, and lead on urban forestry and greening, and community gardens.
  • Transportation Committee – an advocate for our neighborhood and our stakeholders on transportation issues with the City of Los Angeles and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).  Issues include traffic congestion; parking programs for businesses and residents; improving alternative modes, including transit, bicycling, and walking; and senior transportation programs.  Also address issues regarding our streetscape, including billboards, sidewalks, street furniture, graffiti and beautification projects.